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How to get your home ready to sell in Mammoth Lakes

The decision was made – the house is going to be listed in Mammoth Lakes. Now is the time to get the home ready. Hammer in hand, you look around – whoa – this looks pretty overwhelming …. Before the hammer hits the first nail or paint brush touches the walls, make a plan.

Many times the kitchen is the first and perhaps only thing updated for the sale of the home. However, you may only recoup 52% of the entire cost of the update.

The first thing to do is to make home repairs such as leaky plumbing; broken windows, chipped paint, loose hinges, or those things you have really been putting off.

The second thing? CLEAN!

Deep clean – clean the kitchen – inside and out and under appliances. Clean out closets, cupboards, linen closets and pantry. C*L*E*A*N the G*A*R*A*G*E. Now is the perfect time to get rid of things you don’t want to move – this makes the move MUCH easier.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Remove your personal things – pictures, photos, knick knacks and anything that says this is YOUR house. Having personal items detracts from the prospective buyers imagining this as their home. Less is more – the fewer the items the more spacious the home looks. Besides, you have to move these anyway, why not start packing.

Speaking of packing – invest in a storage unit to put excess furniture and boxes away. You do not want to show prospective buyers just how much you have outgrown your home. Buyers may think they’ll have the same problem.

Third – Paint or touch up.

Paint is about the cheapest “repair” you can do with the most impact. Keep the colors neutral – off white, beige and light earth tones. Your walls will look fresh and clean – your home will take on a new look and feel with just a little paint. However, you may want to wait to have your carpets professionally cleaned after painting.

Fourth – Freshen up.

New towels, bedroom treatments, pillows/throws – just a little fresher. You’ll want the new ones for your new house anyway and will show great in your home’s listing photo shoot.

Make sure all the lights/light fixtures have light bulbs – and at least the maximum wattage. Dim lights don’t show off a room.

Fifth – Consider Professional Home Staging.

Hiring a stager just may be cheaper than a price reduction or stuck with paying for two mortgages later. Additionally if the home is vacant, it won’t show well, you may want to consider renting furniture.

Staged homes sell for a larger profit and sell in nearly half the time in Salt Lake City. A notable difference, indeed.

Sixth – Outside.

Pick up or store excess lawn furniture and outside toys.

Paint any peeling outside doors and windows. Wash windows (inside and out) and screens. Replace any cracked sidewalk.

Spiff up the front door / entry way – make it inviting and welcoming.

Putting your home on the market is more than putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard. It takes some effort to show off your home – not sure if you should make any real alterations to your home? Call ne. I’ll give you information to help you decide is a major upgrade or repair will be worth the time and money when you sell your home. I’ll also show you how we can market your home

So, if you want to know if you stage your home or have questions about how your home may measure up with the other homes in the Mammoth Lakes area, call me today. I have the tips and suggestions showing you exactly how you can list your home with me for it to sell.

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